5 Loans That Are Easy To Process


Personal Loan

This is one of the quickest options for borrowing money. With several banks and financial services offering personal loans with minimal documentation, the processing has become simple. You can get a loan within 30 minutes to 3 days. The upside of availing personal loans from your bank or an online financial service provider is the low interest rate. Some even offer a part payment option and maximum loan amount up to 35 lakhs.

Loan Against Property

Looking for a larger loan? You can offer your house as collateral. Most banks and NBFCs provide loan against property. Today, there are several advantages that come along with smooth processing of the loan.  Loan against property usually has a quick approval of 10 days with a disbursal time as low as 3 days. Loans can be availed against residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Home Loan

If you’ve found your dream home and are looking to fund it in a short period, home loans are the best bet. Getting a home loan is made simple with banks and other loan providers giving a short turn around time of 10 days. All salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for the loan.  It has a maximum tenure of up to 20 years when applied through certain online financial services. The cherry on the cake? Home loans have a relatively lesser processing fee of 1%.

Business Loan

Launching your startup? Or signed a new business deal and looking for a quick loan? Business loans are now processed swiftly and are approved within 72 hours. All private banks and NBFCs process business loans faster. The easier way to avail quick business loans is to register with an online financial services portal. There are lower interest rates with a maximum tenure of up to 4 years.

Car Loan

Took your favourite car for a test drive and now planning to buy it? Checking for quick car loans? Fret not, because there are several banks which offer car loans at less interest rates starting from 8%. The maximum tenure is up to 7 years with zero or very less processing fee.

With smooth paperwork and faster approvals with added benefits, loan processing has certainly become simple. Looking to avail quick loans? Apply now with Loanz. Our financial solutions & services make securing a loan easy.