5 effective ways to keep in mind before you start your own Medical Practice.


Setting up your private clinic is not a cake walk. From planning the right technology and procuring equipment to directing regulations and designing marketing strategies, there’s a lot to tackle. setting up one’s own clinic is not a smooth experience, especially in a country like India. The process is daunting, and you might have to consult a lot of professionals – chartered accountants, consultants and healthcare attorneys.

We have listed down some of the most crucial steps to take prior to setting up your own clinic to ensure the success of your private medical practice. Read on.

  1. Obtaining Finance

Budgeting is a very significant yet surprisingly overlooked factor while setting up a clinic. Obtaining finance through doctor’s loan providers can be a tricky business. Instead, try to predict your expenses, allocate funds for each expense and predict the loan timeline. Understand your budgetary needs and accordingly choose loans for doctors. Building a realistic and profitable business plan will also give you a heads up on whether the clinic is going to be financially viable.

  1. Purchasing Equipment

Providing excellent patient care with the help of latest technology is the next step. Make sure that there is enough space in your clinic to house all the necessary equipment. Along with the purchase of the latest equipment, digitize your patient records and streamline communication.

  1. Hiring the Right Candidate

A good hiring strategy should take into account your clinic’s growth trajectory, your vision, work ethics and the current healthcare workforce trends. Background checks must be made compulsory. There’s absolutely no need to compromise on the qualification of your employees as ultimately, your staff members are going to elevate the experience for every patient. Take into account their work experience, educational background, and nature.

  1. Preparing to Open

Healthcare industry is a highly regulated sector surrounded by complex rules. Establishing policies, procedures, & compliance documentation, incorporating as a legal entity and obtaining a tax ID, choosing a legal structure and getting licensed and more are the next few important steps to be taken before you prepare to open your private space.

  1. Marketing

Quality medical care is significant. But what is more important is your advertising and marketing strategy. A business practice should know how to market itself. The key is to focus on building up a strong customer network at the beginning of your private clinic. Plan and execute an effective marketing strategy and establish a reliable online presence.

Now you know that there’s more than medical expertise that goes into the success of a medical practice. Diligently follow all the above-mentioned steps and pave your way into better patient care.