4 Ways to your Dream Space


Are you a physician at the threshold of your medical practice while looking for loans for professional? After several years of renting, leasing and other temporary ways, you wish to set up your own dream space. Bear in mind! On one hand, you have substantial earning potential, while on the other, you have minimal income history laced with a massive amount of student loan debt and negligible savings. How do you tackle the dicey situation to get closer to your dream?

Here are 4 ways you should consider to get loans for professional;

Mortgages Designed for Medical Professionals
We understand the challenges faced by medical professionals at the initial stages. The mortgage loan is specifically designed to navigate through financial hindrances for physicians. It provides benefits of significant waive offs and reductions at the time of borrowing as opposed to traditional mortgages.

Additional benefits

  • Minimal documentation
  • Low down payment
  • Easier to qualify

Federal Housing Administration Loans (FHA loans)
Besidesthe benefits & flexibility of mortgage loans, medical professionals can sigh over the FHA loan advantage. The loan, insured by FHA, enables lenders to take higher risks at the time of borrowing. This means, potential loan borrowers with lower credit score stand a higher chance of qualifying with 3.5% set as down payment.

Veterans Affairs Loans (VA loans)
A mortgage loan provided by United States of Veteran Affairs is devised for veteran citizens, members of U.S. military, select surviving spouses (provided they do not re-marry). While the VA doesn’t originate loans, it sets the rules for qualification, and issues minimum guidelines & requirements. The basic intention of the VA home loan program is to supply home financing to eligible veterans, and to help veterans purchase properties with zero down payment. This is your best chance to apply for quick doctors loan.

Conventional 97 program
This loan program requires a minimum of 3% down payment. But unlike traditional loan facilitation, borrowers can use gifts to gratify the down payment requirement. The program is feasible specifically for first-time home buyers or the ones who have not owned a house in the previous three years. It is also limited to 30-year fixed conventional mortgages.

Enabling easier borrowing ways of large sums of money can pose enormous challenges. While measures are taken to manoeuvre the threats, potential borrowers are advised to consider their individual situations before stepping into the commitment platform. Apply for quick Doctors Loans to make your dream come true.